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Multi-Lingual Website


Reach out to every corner of the world

The world is getting smaller, and businesses can reach nooks and corners of the world as never before. They need websites that reach global audiences in their native language. Just one multi-language option opens your business up to wider audience that would otherwise be a closedmarket. But a mere translation is not enough. Each target market needs to be treated as a separate entity. For example, ‘raag’ is anger in Bengali and tune in Hindi, ‘chalega’ means ok in Mumbaiyya Hindi and walk in Delhi Hindi and so so on.

Web-Mantra has wide-ranging experience in developing multi-language websites. We have created ‘best practice’ multi-language websites for a range of business in diverse industries, and can give you the following advantages:

  • Your business can open to a wider audience
  • It enables access to an otherwise closed markets
  • Makes your website truly accessible into smaller towns of India and worldwide