Multimedia/Flash Presentation

Multimedia/Flash Presentation

Breathe life into your brand

A message that takes dozens of pages and hours to read on paper can be conveyed far more effectively in a few crisp words, combined with visual effects and accompanying sounds.That is what a good multimedia or flash presentation is all about.

Look good with professional presentations

Web-Mantra captures whatever information a client wishes to convey to its audience into a powerful multimedia presentation, a clip or a full streaming video application. We use tools like Macromedia Flash animations, non-flash visual effects such as video streaming, and audio effects as suited to the client’s business needs.So whether a multimedia solution is meant to acquire new business or simply for training presentations, we understand you, your brand and work creatively with you to produce a unique digital product that is effective and memorable.

As an extension of our flash presentation services, we also offer video production facilities and full encoding services for a website through our associates and partners. Our presentations are compatible with different video conversion standards, look professional and progressive, and make a memorable impression, wherever you play them.