Internet Marketing


Be present where your audience is

Looking for a quick and reliable way to promote your online business and start generating sales within a matter of days? But don’t have a budget that allows you to utilised hefty campaign strategies for your brand or business? You may consider starting a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign- a great way to promote your company to potential customers on the web. .

PPC is all about appearing in relevant and related searches

PPS is paying a search engine to display an advert in search results for your preferred searches. It allows the website of your brand or business to benefit from high visibility andreceive traffic through a successful and paid placement. Your payment per click depends upon the popularity of your sector.

Web-Mantra understands that your PPC campaign must be well targeted towards relevant search phrases that you want to use to trigger the display of your adverts. The "call to action" must be relevant and strong, and your landing page forthat phrase should be informative and concise. Together these factors can help in conversions coming through. We create an effective PPC campaign keeping these points in mind and monitor your results to further refine the campaign from time and time. We help to consequently improve the Click Through Rate (CTR), and help you make the most of search engines with Google AdWords, Microsoft Advertising & Yahoo! Network accounts.