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Website Re-Design

Website Re-Design

Stay updated with the changing times

The world of website is in a state of flux. Changing technology, design trends, usage of sites, social media, community interaction are shaping how websites should look and function.The need of the hour is redesign website experiences. The functionality, presentation, loading, and how well they can be updated are triggering website redesigns on a daily basis.

Web-Mantra rebuilds your interactive site into an experience that visitors will want to come back to, by working on the following aspects of your existing website:

  • Evaluating the existing site: Our team of website designers evaluates the reasons for success and failures of your existing site, and uses it to as a platform to create fresh ideas.

  • Understanding target audience: We identify your target audience and create a strategy to address them so that they will respond to your site positively.

  • Theme: Our team puts a finger on the mood of your website - whether it is humorous, technical, homely or professional, and uses relevant brand colours, designs and animations.

  • Rich content: We understand the significance of quality content that is clear, up-to-date and engaging communicating the desired information.

  • Easy navigation: We put careful thought into the redesign so the browsing experience is intuitive and user-friendly.